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We provide Computer-Based Training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT4CBT). CBT4CBT is aimed at helping people to reduce or stop use of drugs and/or alcohol when used as part of comprehensive treatment programs that are delivered by healthcare professionals. This web-based program has been shown to be effective in two independent clinical trials (see reference #1, #2 and #3 in the reference list), when used as part of a professionally administered substance abuse treatment program. Additional trials are ongoing (see herehere, here and here), which are designed to expand the use of CBT4CBT. CBT4CBT has also been shown to be a cost effective treatment in a peer reviewed study (see reference #6 in the reference list).

If you are an individual in search of help for reducing substance use, please contact your doctor, who can suggest programs for you that include CBT4CBT. Click here, here or here for resources for finding a treatment program near you.

If you are a healthcare professional in search of promising and validated new treatment modalities, and are interested in learning more about CBT4CBT, please contact us.

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