What is CBT4CBT?

Computer-Based Training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a web-based program that teaches a variety of CBT skills that are specific for helping people to reduce substance abuse. These include understanding patterns of substance use, learning to recognize and deal with craving, addressing thoughts about substance use that can set you up to use, how to effectively say ‘No’ to offers of alcohol or drugs, and how to be more aware of patterns of thinking and decision making that can lead to drug use.

How does CBT4CBT work?

CBT4CBT is a self-guided web-based program that uses movies and examples to teach skills. There are 7 modules, or content areas, and they each take about one hour to complete. People working with CBT4CBT usually complete one module per week. You can choose the order of topics, at your own preference, and work at whatever pace you like—all you have to do is press a button and the program guides you through the skills. You can see a demonstration here.

Who can use CBT4CBT?

CBT4CBT is geared for anyone whose alcohol or drug use has been, or is a problem for them. At this time, people using CBT4CBT must be enrolled in a clinical program or working with a psychiatrist or psychologist who offers CBT4CBT to their clients. This is because CBT4CBT can enhance treatment, but we have not yet tested whether it is effective for people who are not involved in treatment. We are currently doing studies to see if CBT4CBT is effective for people not currently enrolled in alcohol or drug use treatment.

Does CBT4CBT work?

Two studies (‘randomized clinical trials’) funded by the National Institutes of Health and conducted at Yale University by Dr. Kathleen Carroll and her team have shown that people who use CBT4CBT in addition to their regular treatment for drug and alcohol use reduce their use more than people in standard treatment alone. We have also shown that those changes tend to last even after treatment ends. For summaries of the studies supporting CBT click here.